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Throughout history, faggot has been used to call queer men weak, womanly, to ascribe to us the flouncy, fabulous qualities so often derided by heterosexual men, who must, I think, be saddled with crippling jealousy.

  • The Gravity Falls: Journal 3 Special Edition contains blacklight writing, parchment pages, a monocle, removable photos and notes, and other features that were not included in the regular edition of the book.

But, the republicans are offering us just what we Americans need.

  • Mother and Sons: Alex Beresford shares a picture of his mother on the occassion of her 60th birthday Photo: Alex Beresford's Instagram 4 October 2015 Growing up, he saw his father, who was an engineer and his mother work round the clock in order to buy their own home.

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